UV Led lamp nails dryer, with digital timer -Ae

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This product is professional lamp for nail. When you use the 10s/30s/60s Timing Mode, It is 72w. When you use 99s Low Heat Mode, It is 48w.

Multiple Timing Modes let you choose, suitable for personal or nail studio to use.

72w high power, not only drying fast, but also can dry all nail gels.

With Big LCD screen, you can easily view the time of drying.



  1. Drying All Nail Gels: Quickly dry UV Gel / Extension Gel / LED Gel.
  2. High Power: Drying fast, only take 10-30s to dry the gel.
  3. Low Heat Mode: Reduce heat and give you a comfortable drying experience.
  4. Big LCD Screen: easy to view the time of drying .
  5. Infrared Sensing: intelligent sensing, can be controlled without pressing buttons.
  6. Over-temperature Protection: intelligently control the temperature to avoid the pain during drying.
  7. Easy to Open: can be used for hands or feet.
  8. Multiple Timing Modes: 10s/30s/60s/99s Low Heat Mode

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