Vendor engagement shall either be;
1. On commission basis, where an agreed commission on each product sales shall be remitted to, or
2. Annual fee, where an annual fee shall be levied onto the vendor for the services provided by, or both.
In either cases however, a formal agreement shall be agreed between the parties (I,e, & vendor) where “Vendor” refers to anybody who uses to sale his/her product or service.

Payment Terms

a) Payments between and vendors shall be as per the contract document signed between the vendor and
b) Payments between buyer and shall be either, Cash, Mobile money or bank transfer as is found appropriate and the payment mode shall be determined and agreed at the time of placing the order.
c) All sales must be accompanied with invoice, and all payments accompanied with receipt.
d) No delivery shall be made without an agreed invoice in place.
e) All financial transactions shall be conducted with the legal and financial framework of Uganda government.